Bamboo make up remover glove

6.00 CHF

Shipping: 2 day

Bamboo make up remover glove removes makeup, dirt, oil, sunscreen and dead skin cells.

They come in two sizes, both convenient to use. Great alternative to cotton pads.

How to use bamboo makeup remover glove:

Run the bamboo pad under warm water and remove all makeup and cleanser left. Once there is no more makeup on your pad, rinse them under warm water and let them dry naturally.

After few uses they are dirtied up so you can wash them with your towels to get them clean.


small glove: 8 cm x 11 cm

big glove: 10 cm x 15 cm

set: 2 gloves, small and big


85% bamboo frot

15% polyester

Because bamboo makeup remover gloves are washed pretty often, 15% polyester makes them live longer.

Wash them in the washing machine at 40°C to 60°C.


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