Dishwashing soap set

15.00 CHF

Shipping: 2 day
Sparkling clean dishes! No plastic, no chemicals no fragrance oils.
This simple, yet effective solid dish soap bar is made from 100% coconut oil.

Natural bar soap for your dishes with simple ingredient: the intense cleansing and antibacterial power of saponified coconut oil with the Essential Oil of your choice:

- Lemongrass
- Lavender
- Orange
- Tea Tree
- Eucalyptus
In this dishwashing soap, Essential Oils are used instead of synthetic fragrance oils so the bars are lightly scented and maintain more health and cleansing benefits.

This product is completely plastic-free.
The set comes with dish brush for scrubbing away stuck-on food and the wooden soap dish in order to dry your bar between uses for added longevity.

weight of dish soap: 80g


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