Give me second chance soap

6.00 CHF

Shipping: 2 day

Give me a second chance! :)

If you are not looking for a soap for a gift and you do not mind using not the perfect looking soap, I am happy to offer you soaps from this section.

For every single soap, I use the same recipe, so quality and benefits remain the same.

If you have any special wish, let me know which soap you would like to receive, otherwise, it will be kind of a surprise what you get :) 

Not every soap I make turns out to be perfect so here is why you can find it here:

- the scent is weak or gone

- the design is bad (for example blue or pink clay did not fully dissolve)

- one soap coloured another soap (for example I put turmeric soap too close to olive soap and plain olive soap has few orange spots)

- soap is not cut straight or there are wire lines visible

- too much soda ash which makes soap look not too pretty (not harmful, gone after first use)


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