About me

Hi! I am Agnieszka and I am Calmilia owner.

The whole idea of making my own soap began when I was looking for a soap bar in the regular stores. I was against the shower gels, cause my skin was always being dry right after. I was hoping to find something natural which my skin would finally feel good with. But I did not want to buy soap with animal fat (I am in the process of becoming vegan), I did not want any ingredients that my skin would not approve. Besides having products made from natural ingredients, I wanted it to look, cool, cheeky, and smell good, too. And I could not find it so I have started making my own :) 

I mostly use natural ingredients in my soaps, I compromise only when it comes to fragrance oils. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to get honey essential oil or banana essential oil :) 

I make all soaps and I only use cold process method which allows me to control the temperature of the base, very convenient when making, for example, honey soap so I can always make sure honey will still keep its benefits :) Cold process method means basically making soap from the scratch. First I prepare the base, add LYE and other ingredients and voila :) and this is no lie, NO LYE = NO SOAP.

Most of my bath and body products are vegan friendly, except ones with honey and goat milk.

From the very beginning, I wanted to be very much eco-friendly, it means paper labels for soaps and glass jars for other products. I fill in the shipping boxes with newspapers mostly giving it another life/use :) I strongly support zero waste movement, reduce, reuse, recycle.



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