Wax melts

9.00 CHF

Shipping: 2 day

Wax melts are little scented wax pieces that can be melt in candle warmers.

Candle warmers warm the wax and when it is being melted, it gives us the beautiful scent.

Scented with natural essential oils only.

Available scents:

- lavender

- lemongrass

- spearmint

- sweet orange

- eucalyptus

- red mandarin

When ordering, write which scent you would like to receive :)

They come to you in a glass jar which also helps to keep the scent longer :)

When you send me 4 jars back, you are entitled to get free shipping for your next order :)

Because I make wax melts only when they are ordered, shipping time is extended to two days :)

Approximately 110 g


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